Power Shower

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Holds Water Once Warm

so you never waste a drop

Motion Sensored

Motion sensors save water & energy by sensing when you're in & out of the stream

Voice Activated

Power Shower connects to Alexa or Google to warm up your shower with just your voice, or activate with the press of a button or the wave of your hand.

New Home Tech

The Ultimate Shower Upgrade

"The shower has always been a low-tech space, until now"

- Jack Browning

Track & Save

Save up to 10,000 gallons a year + the equivalent of 1,000 lbs of coal in energy. All trackable on our app

Customer Reviews


My shower is now one of the highest-tech places in the house.

Joe B

Cincinnati, OH


It's not just saving water, it's actually a better experience.

Michael H

Los Angeles, CA


It's amazing how much water we really waste in the shower - this product changes that.

Alex D

San Antonio, TX


Energy saved means dollars off my electric bill every month. This is a game changer.

Michelle S

New York, NY

Easy Installation

Power Shower fits on nearly any shower on earth. Uses universal 1/2 inch nozzle. Install in under 2 minutes.

Welcome to the Future of Showering

"We have the potential to save trillions of gallons and billions of dollars in energy, every year, worldwide."

- CEO Jack Browning