You've got questions? We've got answers. See Q&A below for quick solutions to frequently asked questions.

Power Shower does not control temperature - it measures it. Set your shower to your preferred temperature as you normally would. Power Shower will run water until your desired temperature is reached, and then hold water waiting - until you step in. Saving water and energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Yes! You can always turn Power Shower off, using the button on the face of the unit, and run a normal shower (without saving water).

You can if you like, but no, you don't have to turn the water off after showering. Power Shower will hold the water itself, using a high-strength, water-sealed solenoid.

That's even better! In your setup, through the app, when you first connect your shower to your phone you give it a name. eg "guest bath" or "David's room", to distinguish which unit receives which commands. You can rename your units anytime, using our app.

No! We don't compromise water pressure to save water and energy. Power Shower uses motion sensor technology to save water by sensing when you're in and out of the stream. It also saves water during the warm-up sequence.

No! Power Shower is self-sustaining, with an in-unit turbine that charges the internal batteries, every time you shower. Power Shower will also automatically turn itself off to conserve power if not used in 5 days.

Using our app! Power Shower measures the water flow and calculates the energy used to heat water using national averages to provide an approximation of water, energy, and dollars saved.

Shipping is expected to begin in November 2023 and should take 5-7 business days once shipped. We accept returns and refunds up to 30 days after receiving your Power Shower.