How it Works

Step 1: Download App

Download the Power Shower App and follow instructions to setup profile and connect device to bluetooth

Step 2: Easy Install

Install Power Shower in under 2 minutes, using an adjustable wrench (and plumbers tape if needed). Uses a universal 1/2 in pipe, and fits on nearly any nozzle on earth.

Step 3: Turn Shower on

Turn shower dial to its normal desired temperature (water will not flow).

Step 4: Activate!

Using your phone, Alexa, or just a wave of your hand - you can activate the warm up sequence. Water will flow until desired temperature is reached. Then water will hold until you step in.

Step 5: Shower & Save

Step in! water will turn on when you're under the stream, and off when you step away. Track gallons, dollars, & energy saved on our app.

Saving Water One Drop At A Time