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Dry Water Inc. Announces The Launch of Power Shower: The World's First Fully Integrated Smart Home Shower Head

Power Shower Marks a New Era in Showering, Combining Cutting-Edge Technology with Environmental Consciousness to Deliver an Unparalleled Shower Experience

CINCINNATI, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dry Water Inc, an Ohio-based firm, announced today the launch of its innovative and environmentally friendly product: the Power Shower. This revolutionary smart showerhead is set to redefine home-tech, catapulting the showering experience into the 21st century with features that enhance comfort and efficiency.

"We're ecstatic to finally bring this product into the hands and in the showers of the public," said CEO, Jack Browning. "Traditionally, the shower has remained a low-tech space, devoid of significant innovation - until now. Much like the 'Ring' doorbell transformed home security, we're positioning the Power Shower as an innovative leap forward in the home-tech space."

Boasting advanced features, intuitive controls, two finishes—chrome and matte black—and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Power Shower provides consumers an unparalleled, tech-forward, showering experience at a wallet-friendly price point. Priced at $150.00 and slated for delivery beginning in October, interested consumers who place an order at www.powershower.app will receive an exclusive 20% discount, for a limited time.

Unique and advanced features of the Power Shower include:

  • Voice Activation: Warm up your shower without lifting a finger, thanks to its advanced voice-activated controls through Alexa and Google Home. With a simple command, the showerhead turns on, runs until desired temperature is reached, and then holds your warm shower until you're ready to step in.
  • App Integration: Track your shower duration, water temperature, and water-saving achievements directly on your smartphone. The device seamlessly syncs with both iPhone and Android platforms, providing consumers a blend of convenience and innovation that places their shower insights right at their fingertips.
  • Motion Sensored: Equipped with two integrated LiDAR motion sensors, a simple wave of the hand brings the shower to life. These sensors also champion water and energy conservation by detecting the user's presence within the stream, ensuring a seamless flow without compromise, and achieving an impressive 50% reduction in water usage.
  • Self-Charging: No Batteries Needed! A patent-pending miniature hydroelectric turbine enables the Power Shower to be an energy-independent device, ensuring users enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish.
  • Effortless Self-Installation: Thanks to its universal adaptability, the Power Shower seamlessly integrates with nearly every shower system on the planet. Set up and installation take mere minutes, requiring only standard tools for the job.


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